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United States
I play Mabinogi - Server Alexina - Character Eco11 :D

I play Aura Kingdom - Server Hydra - Eco11

I play Feral Heart - Ashfur11


Merry Christmas!~ by Ashfur15
Merry Christmas!~
This is the Christmas drawing I did for shiner this year :D they are her totems lol. This took a lot of time to do XDD
Merry Christmas to everyone :D
Back Side of Mask by Ashfur15
Back Side of Mask
I just used a plain headband for holding it to my face =3

Back… - Mask 2

Finished… - Wolf Mask

Mask by Ashfur15

Once that drys and its all brushed out, you can start cutting the fabric. And once that's done, i glued it to the rim of the mask with super glue. And Wala! Mask finally done after almost 4-5 days of work. All i had to do then, was glue on the hairband to hold it on my face =3… - Wolf Mask

Back… - Fur (finished)

Next… - Back of Mask

Fur by Ashfur15
Next was the fur. I had to get to dyeing it. So I mixed the paint together again, and started. To dye it with paint, you have to ....well get paint, a paint brush you don't mind ruining, and water. You dip the brush in the paint, and paint the fur a bit, dip the brush in water and put it back onto the fur, still painting. Then you take a paper towl or rag, and get as much of the moisture out as you can. then, brush it out. (I had to use a fork).… - Wolf Mask

Back… - Paint 2

Next… - Fur (finished)

So! I made it into college... Bay De Noc Community College. im staying in the dorms, with a friend from High school ... don't know how this is gonna turn out.. cause I get annoyed at small things <.> and she seems to like to ask me 20 times if I want to go outside. Im more of a ...inside person or cat ;3 ... she seems more of a dog >.>.... at the moment anyways. -rant rant rant-

Anyways. the trip to getting into college...was interesting... >.>... I had to take out a loan for $5,500 to be able to pay for my classes. And even then, I still didn't have enough cash to pay it off for the semester. My father was no help what so ever. So guess what my moms BOYFRIEND did for me. he took out a $1000 loan for me. I have to help pay it back once I start work here at the college, but he's been a giant help in getting me here ^_^~

The bad thing about the dorms... is I cant see my baby TT_TT I miss her so much. ... to clear this...cause people have thought I have an actual child. My baby, is my cat. and missss heerrrrr. I miss her bothering me for food, water, attention. her laying on me and beside me when I don't give her attention TT_TT. Her answering me back when I call her name.... and ...just her. -sighs- TT_TT

I don't know what else to say really... so Next time? <.>

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:D it was. got cake, ice cream, and...Tacos :D lol
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