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I play Mabinogi - Server Alexina - Character Eco11 :D

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        A lot has gone on in the giant gap of my last journal. I passed my first semester of college nicely. nothing below a B or so. A few bumps in the road with one of my instructors but we seem to have gotten past that in the end. I now have her as my instructor for TWO of my four classes in my current Second semester ^^. one is Digital Photography and the other is Intro to Visual Structures (where we work with Photoshop. Ill have to post the latest project on here when I can figure out how to. If anyone can tell me how to upload a short animation please tell me :D ) I'm really enjoying working on Photoshop and using one of those fancy tablets ;) and the computers are high tech too lol.

        On another note, rather than college work and my job (which aren't stressful really) .... I've been extremely stressed due to the my living situation. In other words, my roommates. We were all fine and dandy last semester, but since one of them  graduated (congratz to her) ... the other two have been on my tail constantly. To specify here. one of them was my high school "friend", we had decided we would room together cause we didn't want to be in a dorm full of unknown people. I should have followed my gut which was saying, "no don't room with a friend." but I didn't and now im in this situation.

        This semester that "friend" has turned vegan (nothing against vegans, just telling the story), and who else is a vegan? the left over roommate. She some how convinced my "friend" to become one too. I'm far from being vegan. AND they are both sex crazed females... and I am not. So not only do I eat completely different foods from them, I don't see things the same way as they do. 

        They say they tried to include me in the beginning. but really would any of you want to be included in conversations like, "we shouldn't even eat meat. Id much rather them eat bugs." or "cows are the reason why there are droughts in some places" ... (uh not really, its the over irrigation over west in the USA) Or something along the lines that "sex is a normal thing to want. If you don't want it you're not normal." .... funny...I don't want it, though I never claimed to be "normal". And my "friend" is lesbian ( o.o I am for gay rights dudes, dun take wrong way. its only her I have the problem with) and she had told me in high school that's its completely normal and now she is contradicting her self. 
        Anyways, the end of the FIRST WEEK BACK they both came to my room, and asked me to start helping out more around the dorm. .... its like.... uh.. its been a week..... not a month. you don't have the right to come to my room like its a gigantic problem. 

        So speed though this, skip over that and here we are a few days earlier. Where my mom and aunt came up to see me and bring me food shopping. They came in and seen the dirty "poems" my roommates had put on the fridge. Now I've been slowly getting rid of them by moving the words around. And my mom and aunt seen this so they just started to jumble the word magnets around randomly X3. I laughed and picked up the random few words that had fallen on the floor. And after a bit of ranting about other events that had occurred this semester involving my roommates, they left.

    So, that night I went down stairs to get some water and guess what I found on the fridge. ^_^... Two prints of nude men. completely nude. with words like "sausage" over the private parts. I was infuriated! how could they be so immature?! But, I didn't touch their "art" because it would lead to trouble. So I told my mom and sister over the phone the next morning and they told me to put up a note asking them to take it down. other wise I wouldn't have a case if it went further.(as in sexual harassment). So I gave it a bit. waiting for them to notice the note and kindly take down their pictures. (i had also went to the housing director for help. he told me i was doing the right thing in not touching the pictures, that i should wait another day and see if they take them down) That didn't happen though. after my classes that day I found that there was new things posted on the fridge. Quotes about censorship:

"censorship feeds the dirty mind more than the four letter word." ...

"The only thing that is obscure is censorship," ...

"censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in its self. " ...

"I love my country, but I believe that we are too quick to censor nudity"...

"the censor"s sword pierces deeply into the heart of free expression"

"we seem okay with violence, but nudity we race to criticize and censor"

and the one by my "friend"  
"the moment we censor art is the moment we forget what it means to create."

And last but not least, "Censorship is not honest; nudity IS... Snowmen are naked. Embrace don't disgrace it."
        Again I went to the housing director. This time I mentioned the fact that this was sexual harassment and he got his tail in gear. told me he would talk to my roommates about this. He did. and the pictures were still up the next morning. I went to him again. my mom was in town so she came with. He said he was going to send the pictures I took as proof to his superior. And I got a key to a different dorm because I decided it was enough. I was so stressed out that my stomach had began to hurt and I got sick. Ive even been reduced to tears at some points because of my roommates. My mom noticed that ive been extremely stressed lately and warned me I was going to develop an Ulcer..

        Though this new dorm im in isn't permanent. its like a getaway. so most of my things are still in the dorm they are in. I have my door locked and they don't have the right key to get into it so nothing can be stolen. I gathered the things id need for the night and left as soon as one of the roommates left for work.

        its a little weird being in a different dorm. since I had been in that one for half a year. But I finally feel relief. It isn't loud. I don't feel unwelcomed. I can go downstairs when ever I want and not feel like im being watched. Because of this event, ive decided that I no longer want to be in the same dorm as those two (even though they did take the pictures down). Its not worth being that stressed over. and being in this dorm alone. its so relaxing. my head is clear and I feel like I could sleep forever. I'm finally relaxing. its great to not to have to worry about when ill be able to get food, or water. as I was in that dorm. For now, I have a momentary sigh of relief ^_^



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